How to Showcase Your Luxury Collection

Are you looking for a way to display your most treasured collection? Perhaps you have purchased prized art pieces or noteworthy sports memorabilia and need the perfect way to showcase each piece. Many Silicon Valley homeowners have unique ways to enjoy their most treasured collections.

Here are three elegant options to display your favorite collectables:

The Home Gallery 

Luxury homes boast ample square footage, why not use one of your bonus rooms to your advantage? Create your own museum or art gallery to feature all the masterpieces you have collected over the years. Built in niches sized to fit each piece, complete with specialized lighting will stage individual artwork appropriately.

Furthermore, if you have specialized pottery or cultural items to display, mirror the look of your favorite museum and display each intricate item on a standalone podium.  Use a minimalist design or theme throughout the space to let your collection shine.

The Sports Fan Experience

Utilize your entertainment area to create the ultimate sports memorabilia display. Dedicate the walls of your home theater, game room or man cave to showcase framed jerseys, signed game balls, helmets and more.  Highlight each jersey with bold frames and individualized lighting in a dynamic configuration.

Alcoves with floating shelves and recessed lighting are ideal for larger items like helmets, cleats, bats and game balls. Immerse your guests in the sensory rich fandom experience when they are surrounded by your noteworthy sports mementos on game day.

Your collection is unique, just like your luxury home. Whether you have elegant art pieces, framed jerseys, Cuban cigars or vintage cars, display them in elegance with specialized lighting and complimentary décor.

The Wine Cellar

Indulge your inner sommelier. Display your extensive wine collection with a built in wine cellar or wall. The traditional wine cellar is often enclosed and has a luxurious bar area for private tastings. For a modern twist choose an elegant glass enclosed wine wall right off your kitchen or formal dining room. Dedicate a luxury space to hold your wine collection for easy access during dinner parties, tasting events or special occasions. STACT, glass enclosed wine walls offer a unique way to showcase your collection for both you and your guests to enjoy.

Your guests will love to learn more about the unique pieces they see throughout your home!
What collectibles do you have and how do you display them?

Let us know in the comments below!